Ahead Features

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Quick Time-To-Market

Flexible and configurable modules that assure easy and quick launching of products.

Social Performance Measurement

Facility to measure PPI using customisable survey facility.

Loans, Savings, & Checking Accounts

Flexible loan, Savings, cheque and Investment Accounts.

Rich Reports and Dashboard

High quality Dashboard for users, extensive reports, and Improve members relationship via 360 views across all products.

Integrated Accounting System

Configurable chart of account management, Accrual and Cash based accounting system, General Ledger integration, flexible accounting classifications, and extensive Accounting and Financial reports.

Mobile Banking Application

Customers are able to manage their operations and stay informed of their operations through mobile banking applications that can be delivered over USSD, SMS, or smart mobile applications.

Member and Customer Management

Individual and Group management with customer relationship management, and configurable Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

Mobile Money Integration

Integrate with mobile money service providers in the country and/or the region.

Credit Risk Analysis

Improve loan decision making process through Credit checks facility that track client behaviour to identify potential risk areas.

Digital Field Application

Differentiate by offering financial services at the customers doorsteps. Supercharged field services with digital efficient application to onboard customers, account opening, loan origination, savings and revenue mobilisation, and other transactions.

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