Ahead’s Benefits

Flexible Deployment

AHEAD present opportunities for Financial Service Providers (FSP) to choose their preferred option for deployment of their core banking system without violating the country’s regulatory requirement.

Cloud Only

This is our cloud offering that comes with all the added benefits of

No Upfront Cost

Upfront investment on hardware, ongoing support of the infrastructure, and dedicated IT team are not required. Our Cloud infrastructure relieves you of such cost and in the ongoing support and maintenance of your system thereby ensuring your continuous operations without disturbances.

Independent Tenancy

your cloud space is dedicated to your organisation and your data are entirely yours. Your team have independent access to your cloud space and with additional authentication measures, like OTP, when required.

Proven Security

Our hosting infrastructure provides end-to-end data encryption, physical security protection of the system Centre which is across Europe and America, and software and hardware firewalls.

Always Available System

Our Cloud infrastructure ensures that your data is available at your fingertips. Your data and reports are available whenever it is required and on the go.


This deployment option is most suitable for FSP with existing IT infrastructure and/or for those that country regulation does not give flexibility for out-of-country Cloud hosting. AHEAD will be available as self-hosting with the same features and functionalities on the cloud deployment.


This provide the opportunity for FSP to have a Cloud hosting plan along with an on-premises version of AHEAD. Our intelligent middleware engine ensures that data are synchronized across the two platforms seamlessly without overly technical complexities.

State-of-the-Art Server Technology

AHEAD comes packaged with business rules and workflow that ensures significant business traction and regulatory compliance.
The mobile and digital field system components are mobile and device-agnostic thereby making adoption of its usage quicker and faster.
The dashboard and in-depth reporting capabilities provide insight for decision-making processes.

Whether you choose Cloud, on-premises, or Hybrid offering, AHEAD provides increased security, and always available data on demand.

Seamless Integration

AHEAD comes with industry-standard and Open API that enables your organization to integrate with your existing and new solutions to this core banking system. Through its Open Banking API, your organization can continue to pursue its digital financial services agenda through mobile, and internet connectivity, integration with regulatory authorities, credit scoring/bureau services, Dashboard and reporting platform, and other bespoke applications as at when it considered it suitable.

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