Financial Institutions still using legacy systems will always be faced with interference to innovate at scale and operate efficiently. Since the beginning of Covid-19, customers’ move to digital banking have increased, even post-pandemic,  making it crucial for banks to continue investing in transforming the enterprise from the front office to the back office, so that it delivers more efficient services, innovate and reduce the TAT of new products as part of plans to win more customers.

Using a future proofed Core Banking System (CBS), your bank can experience up to 50% in cost savings. It can help you to continuously meet regulatory compliance and enable you to have a competitive advantage in the market place, with the following benefits:

  1. An open banking System: Replacing your core platform with a flexible banking system should give you the confidence of using an up-to-date system having modern functionalities that can reduce delivery time though comprehensive APIs, enabling you to connect to a value-chain of providers. AHEAD offers this.
  2. Affordable acquisition Cost: The cost of many banking systems in the market have increased drastically in recent times. But new entrant core banking systems, with a flexible architecture and rich functionalities that offers both on premise and cloud offerings, can drastically reduce acquisition and implementation cost. Thereby eliminating the cost of on-premise infrastructure, future upgrade cycle cost and providing low maintenance cost. AHEAD offers this.
  3. Increase the pace of innovation: Additionally, the CBS enables faster development and time to market of new products. With a modern digital core banking platform, your enterprise can accelerate the deployment of superior digital journeys and integrate with third parties and new technologies. It can facilitate the creation of tailored digital products that respond to the ever-changing needs of customers. AHEAD offer this.
  4. Deliver superior customer experience: A key priority of a versatile CBS is that it should be developed around customer needs and expectations. Its functionalities should be developed to provide good customer experience with efficient operation and good UX design. AHEAD has this and much more.
  5. Flexible deployment: An open-ended CBS should have the option of deploying the system on premise or in the cloud, thereby enabling you to innovate and harness opportunities in immerging markets, in other territories and other regions. AHEAD gives flexibility to decide the path to your digital transformation journey. You can choose a Cloud-based approach by subscribing to our cloud, in-country hosting, or on your own infrastructure.
  6. Digital Field Application: Whether you are a Microfinancial Institutions, Credit Union or Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization, a flexible banking system should offer digital field application, whereby your officers are able to provide banking services in the field, wherever they go. AHEAD digital field application lets you digitally supercharge into the field. The tool enables field officers to improve productivity, extend outreach, effectively manage portfolios, and increase revenue.
  7. Customer Alert Notification: a CBS should come with in-built alerts notification feature to keep your members and customers in touch through personalized SMS and Email notifications. AHEAD offers this.
  8. Multiple Channel Accessibility: your CBS should be accessible by members and customers via multiple platforms, such as online portal, and via mobile phone, to access services. For instance, managing accounts, paying bills, transfers, and repay loans over mobile phones, through integration to available mobile money providers, USSD, or smart phones. AHEAD can provide this.

AHEAD banking is a flexible core system with on-premise and cloud offerings built to enable you to realize your digital transformation plan.  

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